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I use a synthetic mink eyelash extension with high quality adhesive and bond-curing solution to ensure long lasting lashes.  If you are hesitant on getting extensions, I do advise a Patch Test to determine a potential allergy to the adhesive.  



These are a single extension to one natural lash application. Enhancing your natural lashes.

Full Set  $95

Fill  $45

Touch Up  $25

Bottom Lashes  $40

Bottom Touch Up  $25



These are a combination of Classic and Volume lashes giving a full look with out the price. 

Full Set  $130

Fill  $65

Hybrid Boost  $35



These are multiple fine lashes applied to one single lash giving a super full look.


Full Set  $175

Fill  $90

Volume Boost  $35


Gentle removal of lash 

extensions - $20

Lash Tint

Color natural lashes - $20

Lash Lift/Perm

Curl and lift natural lashes - $45

Brow Henna - The Basic

Henna coloring of 

eyebrows, ideal 

for already shaped 

eyebrows - $30

Brow Lamination - The Basic

Hair relaxing and Fixation - $50

Add-On Eye Bag Reduction Treatment

Blepharonat and silicone eye pads - $15

Lash Lift and Tint Combo

Color and curl natural lashes - $60

Lash and Brow Tint Combo

Color natural brows 

and lashes - $30

Brow Tint

Color natural brows - $12

Brow Henna - The Works

Brow Mapping and 

Shape Creation,   

Henna coloring,​ and brow wax - $55

Brow Lamination - The Works

Hair relaxing, Fixation, Tinting color, Trim and either Wax or Tweeze - $65

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