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Micro and Nano Needling and Extractions




Micro and Nano Needling

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with multiple tiny, sterile needles. Microneedling is also called Collagen Induction Therapy.  This is a minimally invasive treatment which triggers the body's healing process, stimulating collagen and elastin production.  Microneedling is an effective way to treat fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars.  Just to name a few.  

Nanoneedling is a similar treatment but more of a refresher of the skin.  No numbing is needed in this treatment.  

A consultation is recommended in order to determine the exact treatment needed for each individual.  Professional aftercare products will be required to ensure proper healing and maintenance of the skin.  Aftercare instructions will be provided.




Full Face $275/Treatment

Full Face and Neck  $315/Treatment

Half Face  $210/Treatment

Forehead  $195/Treatment

Lips  $175/Treatment

Add-On Hyaluronic or Vitamin C Infusion  $75

Nanoneedling Infusion $150 for One Treatment/ $250 for Two Treatments


Buy 3 Full Face Treatments for $750 ($75off)

Buy 4 Full Face Treatments for $950 ($150off)

Buy 5 Full Face Treatments for $1100 ($275off)


After Care Product Packages 

Post Treatment Sample Kit $60.00

Full Size Repair Treatment $125.00

Pack of 3 Face Sheet Masks $15.00

Pack of 5 Face Sheet Masks $25.00





Milia Removal and Extractions

Milia are small white bumps that appear on the skin.  They are most commonly found on or around the eye area.  They can be found grouped together on the nose, cheeks and chin as well.  Flakes of skin, large molecules of products and skin keratin become trapped under the surface of the skin.

Also similar to Milia are comedomes, also know as black or white heads. These are a blockage of our skins sweat, oil and hair pores.

This treatment will target the individual areas.  Numbing will be applied and the area will be lanced to ensure smooth extraction of the unwanted skin material.

This a minimally invasive treatment and skin should be back to normal in 24-48 hours.  

If the skin is in a severe state, a consultation is advised prior to treatment. Aftercare instructions will be provided.


Extraction $25 for 15 min session +

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