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Pre and Post Fat Reduction Treatment Protocol


* Drink 1.5L of water 48-72 hours prior to each treatment.  Water will help with attaining results and flushing dissolved fat content and toxins etc.

*Avoid alcohol and caffeine for 48 hours before and 3 days after.

* Stagger 2L intake over 24 hours for 3 days, each day.

*30 minutes of exercise per day or 20 min of elevated heart rate.

*Stimulation or massage the treatment area following each session.  This prevents toxins and fat from being stagnant and difficult to eliminate. 

*Healthy food choices

*Reduce sugar and carbohydrates.  This ensures your body utilizes the triglycerides (a type of body fat) released by the process.

*Infrared Sauna can also be beneficial

*Lymphatic drainage massage will help eliminate toxins.

*Use of a waist trainer wrap or body wrap is OK to use post treatment. 

*Refrain from aspirin, ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory products for 2 days before and after your treatment. 

*Avoid eating 1-2 hours after each treatment. 

*DO NOT have a hot shower, spa or sauna straight after your treatment for 12 hours post each treatment.


Benefits from Fat Reduction Treatments:

*Cellulite reduction


*Skin toning and firming

*Body Contouring

*Stimulation of circulation

*Scar and Stretchmark flattening

*Swelling reduction


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